WLMY 1079 FM playing contemporary adult hits all day long in Williamsport, PA.
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107.9 WLMY is a full-power regional radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day at 107.9 MHz. 107.9 WLMY services the counties of the Central Susquehanna Valley.

107.9 WLMY went on the air in December 2002, met with an enthusiastic response from our listeners, advertisers and the community at large. The young, target demographics 25-44 is the core of our audience.

107.9 WLMY plays the most popular adult hits from the 90’s and today. The format is tight, upbeat and contemporary with 30 minutes of non-stop music at a time. 107.9 WLMY is a fresh alternative for people wanting to listen to today’s best music.

The news throughout the day is broadcast by John Finn, the voice of Backyard News. Accurate news and weather are presented twice an hour through out the day on 107.9 WLMY.

107.9 WLMY is owned by Backyard Broadcasting, with sister stations in Williamsport, PA; Elmira, NY; Olean, NY; Muncie, IN; Jackson, MS; Sioux Falls, SD.

Arts and Entertainment
Business Type: Television and Radio Broadcasting
Entrance Fee: No
Reservations Suggested: No

Average Rating of 3 User Reviews

What's Up With 107.9???

swmuldoon November 13, 2013
I have enjoyed for quite some time now awakening each morning to WLMY's "many songs in a row" format, and especially that it is rock with occasional country hits. Now however, I am assailed with a never-ending string of Holiday music which not only seems to arrive annoyingly earlier each year, but is not at all my favorite. Please return to your original format of uninterrupted songs in a row, or count me as a listener long gone.

Yay, Christmas music!!

crissmanam04 November 04, 2013
Thank you for playing Christmas music!!! I've been looking forward to this now for a while, and you're the only radio station in the area that I've been able to find that is playing it. Forget about the scrooges that don't like the Christmas music, this time of year is important to some people and some may have traditions of playing this music this time of year. Get over it, there's plenty of other radio stations you can listen to!!! Thanks again for playing Christmas music, I will be listening til Christmas day :)

What happened??......

emmie34 November 04, 2013
Christmas music, we just got through Halloween?!... what the heck happened to your programming? What idiot thought up this idea, and do you really think many ppl are gonna listen? I can understand playing Christmas music a few days or even the week before Christmas, but not this early. I loved your old programming of "today's" hits with no news and no Gary Crisman! I don't see how you're gonna get advertiser's w/ THIS sort of music.... ya just lost me! I'll check back sometime after January 1st, to hear what you're playing then.
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Address: 1685 Four Mile Dr
Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 323 8200
Fax: 5703238200

WLMY — Arts and Entertainment — Williamsport

Business Types: adult contemporary hits radio
Service Area: lycoming county
Zip Codes: 17701
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